Silver Screen: The OrCom Silver Anniversary

On Stage Action and Laughs

On Stage Action and Laughs

Tribute to Dr. Sarile and Prof.Vacquer

Tribute to Dr. Sarile and Prof.Vacquer

Earl Guico and I
The OrComSilver Hosts: Earl Guico and I
Lining up for Dinner

Me, Vianne, and Ayessa: Lining up for Dinner

On the Floor Action and Interacting with the Audience

On the Floor Action and Interacting with the Audience

 Finally, after being pushed back twice, the OrCom Silver finally happened on October 10, 2009 which I think is both a blessing and curse at the same time.

Let’s deal with the how it was a curse first since there was more good than bad during the event. Since it was postponed more than it should have been, not many of the committed OrCom alumni and professors (ehem haha) were able to make it on the night itself for reasons like having to work (even if that was a Saturday night) which left us with less attendees.

But a blessing in the long run since the event was pretty much a success and things ran a pretty smooth course. Despite the fact that this blog should have been due around 2 weeks ago (shame – I know), I can still vividly remember the event like it was just last night and I can definitely say that I am glad I was able to be a part of what might be something that happens as often as eclipse.

I initially helped out with the Marketing and Publicity of the event despite the fact that I was never really a bonafide member of OrComSoc. I was able to provide the event’s media partners for the night which were ETC and a more obvious radio partner – Mellow 94.7. Of course, I just gave my contacts to Nash while she did the rest and I did the following up and thanking. That made me decide to join the org along with the fact I needed to since Sir Burn made it sort of like our class project. 🙂

Then much to my surprise (and I mean this), I was chosen as host. I actually had no idea that they were serious about me being host because whenever my friends and batchmates would remind me about it, I always thought they were just messing with me and before I could even hesitate, I was on the OrComSilver Facebook page and poster. Haha. Talk about being held at gunpoint but I was more than willing to do something for the event even if it was pro-bono and I had to go out of my way to switch radio scheds twice and even board or work on weekdays to make up for my absence on a saturday (my show is 2-5pm which is cutting it close if I went to work) – worth it. Haha. 😛

I was initially paired up with someone else but when I found out that my new partner was going to be Earl Guico, I was initially edgy about it since I did sort of know him when I was a sophomore and he was a senior, but it turned out SO much better than expected.

I must confess that I was really nervous about hosting the OrComSilver as compared to the numerous events I’ve hosted in the past. I mean, I’ve hosted weddings, debuts, pageants, movie premieres, school events, and even rock concerts like the UP Fair which makes rowdy an understatement, but for some weird reason, I was exceptionally jumpy for this one. I guess it was the pressure of hosting in front of people I know because I don’t feel as anxious when I’m in front of an audience I don’t know. It’s kind of like when I get “bulol” or tongue-tied on the air because I know someone I know is tuned in.

This was one event I also intensely prepared and spent for. Usually when I host events I sort of don on a nice top, pair of jeans, and heels, but for the OrComSilver, extra effort had to be made. For instance, when I hosted an event for San Beda last September, I came straight for school, went to the station, went to the event, changed into an outfit, and put on makeup. The OrComSilver had me curl my hair and wear false eyelashes, shiny bling, and a long gown and if that wasn’t preparation enough, I don’t know what is.

Everything turned out pretty well and I was able to bring my yaya with me to serve as my PA and I was glad Madam and Sir Burn allowed me to. Haha. She took pictures for me but I was able to grab from everyone else anyway. I kind of felt bad though that I wasn’t really able to mingle with everyone before the event since as host, Earl and I should only appear when the event starts that way there’s an element of surprise.

Overall, the event was a success and will be something that I’m sure, most of my batchmates will consider memorable especially since we all played a role in making it happen. 🙂


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