The End

I can’t believe that this is actually my final blog so I’ll keep this short. My last first semester went by pretty fast and I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. It’s that feeling that you know you’re tired of school and being stressed but enjoying your time as a student. Its tough and I actually have the best of both worlds since I’m already working although I don’t really feel like what I do know (nature of my job) is work since I’m having loads of fun not to mention my work hours. This is why I cannot picture myself at an office for 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. UGH. It’s kind of like how people when they’re young want to grow up faster but then wish they were younger once they hit their twenties (I can attest to this). In the same way, I am sort of relieved that school is almost done despite the fact that the finish line seems so near yet so far.

I really can’t talk about what took place last Saturday (October 17) since I was absent because I was still suffering the repercussions of my ulcers (my stupid diet and fault) and fever but I was able to help my group mates and I heard that our podcast was a hoot. It was too bad though that I never got to hear the finished product. We had fun recording it as well.

I won’t pretend that this blog entry is late so I will also talk about our final project which was to create a communication plan for the organization that was assigned to us – the PGH Medical Foundation, Inc. (PGHMFI). It took us a good 1 night only overnight last Friday to Saturday and constant meetings before that to make everything come together. We slept over at Jess’ house and although we weren’t complete, we were able to work pretty well and we split up the work afterwards. Our group was pretty efficient considering that other groups slept over for 2 days or more. These are moments when we’re just glad to have the Internet so that file sharing and print screens make everything possible.

We have a couple of photos of our little sleepover but Jess has them. It was sort of a bummer that school extended especially since my BIRTHDAY was on the day of our presentation (thanks Sir haha) and Kc also had her birthday last October 23 so we both bought ice cream (although I paid for most of it. Heehee).

Also, there was a bit of a chicken pox scare because Sam had the chicken pox after the OrCom Silver and I have NEVER had the pox which was I bought a mask when she slept over although I eventually took it off but Sam would constantly tease me about wanting to hug me or sneeze. Thankfully, I am fine and got better from my ulcers.

And since I am writing this after our presentation, it went pretty well and I’m just glad that Sir Barry, Dr. Alvior, and Madam Inton who were the panelists, appreciated our effort and ideas. Plus, I was exceptionally glad that despite my fast forward mode of presenting the changes we wanted to implement on the website, Sir Barry was smiling the entire time I was explaining everything. I even heard stories from Vianne after. Haha.

Thanks for choosing my birthday to be the presentation day. Haha. I’m kidding but its all good. Everything went fine anyway. 😀 Overall, we did pretty well and we didn’t get that many negative comments which is good enough for us. Yippee!

This class was pretty cool. We learned more about new social media and it seemed like the semester went by really quick. What a way to end a blog and an entire semester. Haha. 😛 Thanks for everything Sir Barry! 😀


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