Silver Screen: The OrCom Silver Anniversary

On Stage Action and Laughs

On Stage Action and Laughs

Tribute to Dr. Sarile and Prof.Vacquer

Tribute to Dr. Sarile and Prof.Vacquer

Earl Guico and I
The OrComSilver Hosts: Earl Guico and I
Lining up for Dinner

Me, Vianne, and Ayessa: Lining up for Dinner

On the Floor Action and Interacting with the Audience

On the Floor Action and Interacting with the Audience

 Finally, after being pushed back twice, the OrCom Silver finally happened on October 10, 2009 which I think is both a blessing and curse at the same time.

Let’s deal with the how it was a curse first since there was more good than bad during the event. Since it was postponed more than it should have been, not many of the committed OrCom alumni and professors (ehem haha) were able to make it on the night itself for reasons like having to work (even if that was a Saturday night) which left us with less attendees.

But a blessing in the long run since the event was pretty much a success and things ran a pretty smooth course. Despite the fact that this blog should have been due around 2 weeks ago (shame – I know), I can still vividly remember the event like it was just last night and I can definitely say that I am glad I was able to be a part of what might be something that happens as often as eclipse.

I initially helped out with the Marketing and Publicity of the event despite the fact that I was never really a bonafide member of OrComSoc. I was able to provide the event’s media partners for the night which were ETC and a more obvious radio partner – Mellow 94.7. Of course, I just gave my contacts to Nash while she did the rest and I did the following up and thanking. That made me decide to join the org along with the fact I needed to since Sir Burn made it sort of like our class project. 🙂

Then much to my surprise (and I mean this), I was chosen as host. I actually had no idea that they were serious about me being host because whenever my friends and batchmates would remind me about it, I always thought they were just messing with me and before I could even hesitate, I was on the OrComSilver Facebook page and poster. Haha. Talk about being held at gunpoint but I was more than willing to do something for the event even if it was pro-bono and I had to go out of my way to switch radio scheds twice and even board or work on weekdays to make up for my absence on a saturday (my show is 2-5pm which is cutting it close if I went to work) – worth it. Haha. 😛

I was initially paired up with someone else but when I found out that my new partner was going to be Earl Guico, I was initially edgy about it since I did sort of know him when I was a sophomore and he was a senior, but it turned out SO much better than expected.

I must confess that I was really nervous about hosting the OrComSilver as compared to the numerous events I’ve hosted in the past. I mean, I’ve hosted weddings, debuts, pageants, movie premieres, school events, and even rock concerts like the UP Fair which makes rowdy an understatement, but for some weird reason, I was exceptionally jumpy for this one. I guess it was the pressure of hosting in front of people I know because I don’t feel as anxious when I’m in front of an audience I don’t know. It’s kind of like when I get “bulol” or tongue-tied on the air because I know someone I know is tuned in.

This was one event I also intensely prepared and spent for. Usually when I host events I sort of don on a nice top, pair of jeans, and heels, but for the OrComSilver, extra effort had to be made. For instance, when I hosted an event for San Beda last September, I came straight for school, went to the station, went to the event, changed into an outfit, and put on makeup. The OrComSilver had me curl my hair and wear false eyelashes, shiny bling, and a long gown and if that wasn’t preparation enough, I don’t know what is.

Everything turned out pretty well and I was able to bring my yaya with me to serve as my PA and I was glad Madam and Sir Burn allowed me to. Haha. She took pictures for me but I was able to grab from everyone else anyway. I kind of felt bad though that I wasn’t really able to mingle with everyone before the event since as host, Earl and I should only appear when the event starts that way there’s an element of surprise.

Overall, the event was a success and will be something that I’m sure, most of my batchmates will consider memorable especially since we all played a role in making it happen. 🙂


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Embracing Technology and New Social Media

This week’s meeting was all about one of our group projects, which was to track down and look into organizations that make active and consistent use of new social media in any manner that is beneficial to the corporation or at least that’s how I understood it and that’s how it was supposed to be. Due to the increment weather and horrible flood, not many people were able to make it to class that Saturday while the others were forgivably late.

I will attempt to make this a much shorter blog as compared to all the others that way it won’t be such a hard read and this will only be possible if I talk about our group’s report and simply discuss the others as concisely as possible.

Our group was able to get 3 organizations namely, Mellow 94.7 (yippee), ABS-CBN (one of their umbrella projects) and Aboitiz (also one of their umbrella projects). Although we did this at the last minute which was the day before, it turned out pretty well.

Mellow 94.7 was a primary choice because we do use new social media all the time to interact and update our listeners and my fellow DJs are always more than willing to help me out. Dianne aka Chloe is the person that frequently posts stuff on our Multiply so she was the best person to talk to. From our Mellow website to the Mellow Interactive website down to the almost phased-out Yahoo Messenger and Friendster, to our active Multiply account, and individual public Twitter and Facebook pages, all these channels are made available and are of easy access to listeners who want to get to know and interact with their favorite jocks. Plus, the pages are updated by the DJs themselves giving it a more personal touch that makes the fans actually feel like they are connected to their choice jocks.

ABS-CBN has always been known for embracing new social media by having various interactive sites for their TV shows, movies, news and public affairs programs, and other special ad-hoc segments like the one we chose to cover which focused on the upcoming presidential elections. Aboitiz, whose main industry revolves around shipment, has a number of special services and we focused on 2Go.

Overall, I thought our presentation was pretty good and the comments made were mostly positive. As for the other groups, some of the organizations they got either had a vague use of new social media or made use of new social media as merely a secondary avenue for whatever purpose it served and not necessarily as a primary venue or channel, thus making it an unsuccessful venture generating a number of questions and negative comments from out panelist.

Let’s hope that more organizations, whether big or small, welcome with open arms, the use of new social media not only to keep up with the trend but to also be recognized on the global map.

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Beware of Cyber Stalkers

With the dawn of technology, communication is possible to any part of the globe and is made available to anybody and everybody. This may be good for most people but bad for others. I guess it all depends on the situation. What I am about to narrate just might make you think twice about posting stuff on the Net or be-friending random people over sites like Facebook, but be patient with my lengthy blog since I plan to narrate the gist of my horrible experience.

Since this blog entry was for that class I missed because it was in the afternoon and was basically for the PRSP eliminations or proposal presentations, I can do a blog entry about anything under the sun! Well, not really, but at least it isn’t about class :).

Last weekend was pretty traumatic for me and it was all because of the Internet. Haha. Well, it involved the Internet since it happened over the YM. On my radio show, The Twist which I host on weekends, I make use of 3 mainstream channels in order for the listeners to get in touch with me: the hotline, the textline, and the chatline. Now, I’m used to getting weird listeners who either love you or despise you, but I didn’t realize I had this one exceptional listener.

The incident had been going on for a while; I just never realized or took notice of it until one Saturday, August 8, 2009. I decided to dress differently that day since I’m always in Chucks, jeans, and a T-Shirt, so I changed into a tube top and sandals (talk about wrong choice of outfit on the worst possible day) but something actually happened before that which I will narrate in a bit. When I walked into the station, our receptionist along with our student DJs and our head announcer, Chloe, told me that some “dude” was looking for me and I just shook it off and thought it might be some random person. I wasn’t supposed to be alone during my show since I’m used to the student DJs sticking around or the Mellow Gremlins (a group of girl listeners who are considerably friends of mine since they’re around my age) visit but for some twisted stroke of bad luck, no one came over and everyone in the booth left for lunch.

But before everyone did leave, this creepy “dude” came in and was taking photos/videos of me from one of our windows and then he came in and said that this was for his cousin or something like that. I couldn’t really understand him since he was mumbling but then he soon left. Our student DJs (who were guys) were freaked out and quite reluctant to leave me, but I couldn’t keep them around and make them skip lunch just for me, so they simply locked the door.

Chloe left something so we had to unlock the door again and I guess she forgot to lock it again so things went downhill from there. While I was talking on the microphone, the weird “dude” went straight to where I was sitting (which was behind the console) and he was smiling. I was obviously scared but for some weird reason I didn’t feel like I was going to hyperventilate or anything. I was pretty calm and was more annoyed than scared. I told him coldly but politely to go to the other side since personnel are the only ones allowed near the equipment then he started mumbling stuff. He was trying to strike casual conversation and I was trying not to look at him. It was a good thing that one of our radio technicians/personnel saw me and the visitor and he was signaling to me from the window whether he was a visitor or not. I simply shook my head so he went inside and asked the dude to register. Our technician asked me if I wanted him to stay and I said that he was bothering me so he asked him to leave on the count of a memo released by the station manager and he started mumbling stuff like I was the person who made him leave and that I should have told him off that way he wouldn’t have waited for me. Once he left, I thought I could breathe a sigh of relief, but then he came back to take photos/videos of me using his mobile phone. He was asking me to look but I refused to and told him I had to do my job and he even mentioned saving my pictures on Friendster and making them wallpapers. Ugh. He finally left and when I checked the YM he was sending messages like “play my song or greet me” or else he’ll come back, but I didn’t give in.

When everyone came back, I told the student DJs and they felt bad that they left and they told me that the “dude” was actually taking videos of me. I stuck around at the station for an extra 30 minutes after my show and one of the student jocks went downstairs to smoke and make sure the creepy “dude” left. When I left, I told our receptionist and he said that the “dude” was there since that morning and was looking for specifically me. The guard at the ground floor (who I’ve known for 2 years already even when I was with other stations) told me that the “dude” kept coming in and out of the building and was looking for me.

The next day was a Sunday so I had my show again. I didn’t block him from my YM since I wanted to watch what he was going to do next and sure enough he was there sending me messages like “Alex ang sarap mo and hindi kita pakakawalan.” He was even incinerating that I was the one flirting with him when in fact my personality on the air is like that and is directed to everyone who’s tuned in. Since I couldn’t take it anymore, I told him to stop bothering me and leave me alone and he finally agreed to. He just wanted me to say he was ugly and that he would never have a chance with me which I did, if that’s what it took to brush him off and so far he hasn’t been sending me messages.

My mom picked me up that day to ensure my safety and advised me to inform my boss (the station manager) and the owner of the station, which I did. I also forgot to mention that this “stalker dude” had been sending me dozens of emails over my public account. This made me truly classify him as a “stalker” who probably was mentally unstable since his messages were incredibly creepy. When I recall the thought, it makes me shudder, but I saved them as evidence and printed them out for my boss to see. What I thought were harmless “I love you Alex” YM messages turned out to be this man in his late 20s-30s (and not to be discriminative or anything) looked like a construction worker and NOT a listener of Mellow.

My boss took immediate action, informed our station owner and they had him not only blocked from the station but from the entire building. They even installed a doorbell and constantly lock the front door because people can easily walk in and out of the station. In other words, security measures were tightened and taken because they were concerned about my safety.

Just goes to show how technology, the Internet, and communication were bad for me, which is why the DJ before me refuses to interact with the listeners. This won’t stop me though from entertaining my listeners because they are who make my job easier and my show possible. I will be more wary about being chummy with the male listeners. I’m crossing my fingers that this incident will never ever happen to you.

PS. On the bright side, talking to my boss twice the week after that weekend made me aware of a possible promotion to the Primetime which would be the weekday Morning show which will make go up against the likes of Mo Twister on TM and Chico and Delamar on RX. I haven’t taken the offer yet because school is what I wanna focus on and as much as I would love to be bumped up to the forefront of primetime programming, I don’t think I can handle waking up early and be perky every single morning and juggle school at the same time. I know we’re not supposed to share personal stuff but its sort of related to my blog entry :).

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