Remind Me Again, Why Do We Blog?

Here is yet another late blog post but I strongly hold on to and believe in the saying, “Better late than never,” so here goes nothing :).

 Last Saturday (and I’m referring to August 29, just in case you got lost in all the “last Saturdays” I put on my blogs) we tackled the concept of Micro and Corporate Blogging as well as the status of Blogging not only in the Philippines but also on a global scale.

 It’s funny how I have never ever come across a corporate blog or if ever I did, I probably didn’t recognize it as a corporate blog and it’s actually no surprise since the percentage of professional blogs are relatively quite low. Blogs are used by people mostly as online diaries or journals which focus on the personal aspect of their lives rather than talk about specific topics like business.

I used to be a blogger myself but never wrote blogs on a regular basis. I used to post blogs on my now-outdated Multiply site and they would usually be products of really strong surges of emotion and angst against a certain situation or person plus, it was something I did when I was bored at my former workplace where I would tutor Koreans online part-time. Actually, come to think of it, I finally remember why I said goodbye to blogs in the first place. It was around a year ago when I vowed never ever to blog again, but I guess Sir Barry changed that. Haha. I don’t really want to go into the gory details of why I decided to stop blogging but to sum it up in a few words or phrases, I sort of blind-itemed a “friend” of mine and called him an asshole. Haha. Wow, right? Nice Job Alex. But he was and still is that exact adjective, although I did apologize sincerely and deleted the blog. Turns out, my descriptions were pretty obvious to other people who read it and they told him about it. 

If you’ve ever come across my blogs, they are usually super lengthy and I don’t even try to cut or break them up into paragraphs because that’s sort of my little strategy to turn people off from reading them. My classmates and friends from UP Manila are the only ones who even try to read them and comment. I guess that’s the problem I see in blogs, it’s too public. This may be a good thing for people who want the stuff they write about to be read but if your intention is to write your deepest darkest secrets, I say stick to the conventional padlocked, handwritten diary or journal you used to keep as a child. At least you know your secrets are safe. 🙂 This also reminds me of a time when I posted a metaphorical blog which I was hoping no one would get or understand but two people did. I obviously deleted that blog too, but I should have already learned from that incident. Tsktsk. Alex plus her random thoughts spells trouble. I’m just glad that this blog can keep me on the safe side of things or at least I think so. 🙂


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  1. barrycade replied:

    risky indeed, alex, when you become too honest in your blogs, specially when it will hurt a person or two. but there’s a creative way of catharsis without offending others and in the process be helpful to others–put up a list (e.g. 7 ways to deal with a difficult person). 🙂

  2. Judy Marie Santiago replied:

    I’m scared that my honesty in my blog too will cause me something bad. 😦 But congrats alex! You once stood up to call someone an asshole here in the Cyberspace. Haha! 🙂

  3. commandgetme replied:

    “If you’ve ever come across my blogs, they are usually super lengthy and I don’t even try to cut or break them up into paragraphs because that’s sort of my little strategy to turn people off from reading them.”

    You made me laugh Alex, because I used to be like this too. I wouldn’t mind if I have longer paragraphs.. I don’t have the confidence to show how I write. Thanks to this subject we are all exposed. hehe

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