Embracing Technology and New Social Media

This week’s meeting was all about one of our group projects, which was to track down and look into organizations that make active and consistent use of new social media in any manner that is beneficial to the corporation or at least that’s how I understood it and that’s how it was supposed to be. Due to the increment weather and horrible flood, not many people were able to make it to class that Saturday while the others were forgivably late.

I will attempt to make this a much shorter blog as compared to all the others that way it won’t be such a hard read and this will only be possible if I talk about our group’s report and simply discuss the others as concisely as possible.

Our group was able to get 3 organizations namely, Mellow 94.7 (yippee), ABS-CBN (one of their umbrella projects) and Aboitiz (also one of their umbrella projects). Although we did this at the last minute which was the day before, it turned out pretty well.

Mellow 94.7 was a primary choice because we do use new social media all the time to interact and update our listeners and my fellow DJs are always more than willing to help me out. Dianne aka Chloe is the person that frequently posts stuff on our Multiply so she was the best person to talk to. From our Mellow website to the Mellow Interactive website down to the almost phased-out Yahoo Messenger and Friendster, to our active Multiply account, and individual public Twitter and Facebook pages, all these channels are made available and are of easy access to listeners who want to get to know and interact with their favorite jocks. Plus, the pages are updated by the DJs themselves giving it a more personal touch that makes the fans actually feel like they are connected to their choice jocks.

ABS-CBN has always been known for embracing new social media by having various interactive sites for their TV shows, movies, news and public affairs programs, and other special ad-hoc segments like the one we chose to cover which focused on the upcoming presidential elections. Aboitiz, whose main industry revolves around shipment, has a number of special services and we focused on 2Go.

Overall, I thought our presentation was pretty good and the comments made were mostly positive. As for the other groups, some of the organizations they got either had a vague use of new social media or made use of new social media as merely a secondary avenue for whatever purpose it served and not necessarily as a primary venue or channel, thus making it an unsuccessful venture generating a number of questions and negative comments from out panelist.

Let’s hope that more organizations, whether big or small, welcome with open arms, the use of new social media not only to keep up with the trend but to also be recognized on the global map.


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  1. aLps replied:

    I got that–organizations must not only use NSM but they also need to embrace it with open arms. Otherwise, it would be a failure. 😀

  2. vianne0519 replied:

    as a radio station who needs to interact with its audiences, mellow 94.7 really needs the social networking sites…

    we nailed our report even if we’re both sick…

    oh yeah..

  3. Nancy Ortega replied:

    Different organizations might get confused with all the available tools that may be used online. So before they delve deeper on the use of one,they must first be sure of their audience and the purpose of what they are going to do. 🙂

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